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Supporting the Olympic Dream

Every year since establishment, the New York State Taekwondo Federation has been financially supporting athletes on their Olympic Dream. In 2012, our federation made a $10,000 donation to the 2012 US Olympic Taekwondo Team. Along the way, we have supported many top athletes from the state of New York through our federation. One of our state missions is to support our grassroots and developmental athletes, and provide assistance in their training towards their goal of becoming an Olympic Champion. The journey is long, but graspable. The athletes take much of their time training, that it is very difficult to be financially capable of participating in various events.

New York State Taekwondo Federation Scholarship Requirement is as followed: 15-17 Junior or 17-32 Senior Black Belt Sparring athletes who qualified/participated at our USAT New York State Championships AND medaled at USAT National Championships or made the National Team Trials. Online scholarship application must be filled out and sent to our email to be reviewed by our committee members. Following review, athletes are chosen for scholarship.

The following athletes received scholarships checks at the State Championships this past weekend:

Brianna Salinaro (Medalist) - 2017 USAT Para National Team Member and 2017 US Open Gold

Michael Mancuso (Jr. Team Trials 3rd) - 2016 USAT Junior National Gold Medalist (Light Middle) and 2016 USAT

Stephanie VanAlstyne (Trials 2nd) - 2016 USAT Junior National Silver Medalist (Fin) and 2016 USAT Jr. Team

Tiffany Chen (Team Trials Qualifer) - 2016 USAT Junior National Silver Medalist (Light) and 2016 USAT Jr.

Alvin Chau (USAT Jr. Team Trials 5th) - 2016 USAT Junior National Bronze Medalist (Light Middle) and 2016

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